"Our goal is to protect Nebraska's most precious resource
and ensure we all have water for generations to come."

  --- Gerald Dillman, president
Mitchell, Nebraska

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 A Unique System

    For the most part, the surface and groundwater resources of the Valley are interconnected -- called conjunctive use. Groundwater quantity and quality depend upon aquifer recharge from the water diverted out of the North Platte River system. This surface flow supplies 24 irrigation districts and canal companies with irrigation water.

     Many more benefits are derived from water flowing through hundreds of miles of canals and laterals throughout the Valley; extending from the Wyoming- Nebraska state line running 120 miles east to Lake McConaughy.

   Surface water supplies accumulate each winter as snowpack in Wyoming's mountains and basins. The melting snow is "banked" in North Platte River system reservoirs in Wyoming until needed by the irrigation districts and companies supplying the North Platte Valley.

     In addition to irrigation, the surface diversions also supply municipal and industrial uses, stock and domestic wells, habitat for fish and wildlife, additional groundwater irrigation and a variety of recreational purposes. Other benefits from river diversions are groundwater sustainability, as well as improved groundwater quality.







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